5 Tips For Getting That Celebrity Smile

You've surely noticed that just about every celebrity you see on TV has a perfect smile, right? You've probably also wondered how they do it, keeping their teeth in such good shape, because if you'd know you could replicate their secret technique and get a celebrity smile too. There are ...

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Great Sleep

Do you love sleeping your head off? Let me give you my side of the story. I love to sleep, even if I had to stay in bed twenty four hours each day. I can bet if I didn’t have to work hard to secure a better future then sleep ...

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The Unofficial Red Carpet Guide To Getting Fit

All of Hollywood’s biggest stars show up looking fit and radiant the night at the Golden Globes. It might seem unattainable to look red carpet ready yourself, but with this guide, you’ll be set to give an acceptance speech by awards season. Jennifer Lawrence’s Skin J-Law’s skin always looks flawless ...

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Tips For More Energy To Lose Weight

If you are trying to lose weight but are falling short with your follow through, you may need some tips for more energy to lose weight. When you are working to plan and organize your day and you are starting to incorporate in your weight loss goals, the following tips ...

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4 Tips For Staying Fit As A Busy Lawyer

Being a busy lawyer, it can be hard to get all of your work done and still have enough time for your personal life. Combining your busy work life with your family and social life often takes up about all the time you have, making it very hard to also ...

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It Worked For Kim, But Is Atkins Right For You?

While no stranger to the public spotlight, much to the chagrin of many, Kim Kardashian grabbed her share of headlines once again last week after tweeting a photo of her post-baby body in a swimsuit. Then boyfriend, and now current fiancée, Kanye West made his opinion of ...

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How Drew Barrymore Keeps Herself Fit

Drew Barrymore is known as the sweet and vibrant member of the infamous Charlie’s Angels. At the beginning of her career, Drew was on the “healthier” side - a little chubby in the cheekbones - but no doubt one of the newest and loveliest faces in the ...

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Matthew Perry’s Opiate Addiction And Recovery

Did you know that Matthew Perry, the guy who played Chandler Bing on the show Friends, struggled with opiate addiction? He did not hide it necessarily, but he is now coming forward to share his story because he is passionate about helping others. He knows exactly what it means to be ...

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Vanessa Paradis’ Slimming Secret

Do you know who Vanessa Chantal Paradis is? Well, most people know her as Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend. She lived with him for 14 years from 1998 until June 2012. They have two children, Lilly Rose Melody Depp who was born in 1999, and John Christopher "Jack" ...

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Courtney Thorne-Smith

How Courtney Thorne-Smith Finally Solved Her Weight Loss Problem

Have you ever heard of Courtney Thorne-Smith? She’s a famous beautiful actress best known for her roles on two very popular hit shows on the Fox network, Melrose Place and Ally McBeal. With a career as a television series actress, Thorne-Smith is now busy playing ...

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