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Matt Damon Weight Loss – Training with Matt

Matt Damon, born Matthew Paige Damon on October 08, 1970, gained household fame for writing the screenplay (along with good friend Ben Affleck) for the movie great Good Will Hunting in 1997, which garnered awards and accolades from 2 major award-giving bodies, The Academy and The Golden Globe Awards. His ...

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Tina O’Brien Weight Loss: Toning It Up With Tina

Let us veer away from US celebrity weight loss and focus on something UK-based for a change, quite timely if you ask me, by the way, what with the buzz about the royal wedding of the century nowadays that has put the United Kingdom in spotlight. Now on with the task ...

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Kristen Bell Weight Loss

Wondering how this 30-year old keep her body in tip top shape? Kristen Bell, or Elle Bishop the electric girl from the hit television show, Heroes, confided that the key to her seemingly perfect abs is to keep an active lifestyle by engaging in physical activities. Not a big fan of ...

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Adriana Lima Weight Loss

Any one here wants to be as hot as sexy Adriana? The US celebrity weight loss spotlight is now on the Victoria Secret angel and supermodel, Adriana Lima. The 28 years old, Brazilian-born head turner is back to her envious bikini shape just 10 months after giving birth to equally lovely ...

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