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Leighton Meester Weight Loss: Mastering Weight Loss with Meester

Leighton Meester, born Leighton Marissa Meester on April 09, 1986 in Fort Worth, Texas, became a household name when she landed the role of Blair Waldorf in CW’s teen hit series, Gossip Girl. Her outstanding portrayal of the supercilious Blair earned her several nominations and accolades from award-giving bodies, including ...

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Meryl Streep Weight Loss: Ketogenic Diet

Intended to aid in managing epilepsy, some dieters are jumping onto the ketogenic diet bandwagon, an eating regimen effective against epilepsy amd endorsed by Meryl Streep in her 1997 film “...First Do No Harm.” While it has been proven to be an exceptionally useful tool in the fight against epileptic ...

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Victoria Beckham Weight Loss: The Tea Diet

Victoria Beckham has been a worldwide icon of sexiness and posh style for more than a decade now and her ability to stay beautiful and in perfect shape has women around the globe wondering if her tactics could work for them. Luckily for these women, Beckham has often spoken publically ...

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Naomi Watts Weight Loss: Working it out with Watts

It was no easy fit to be in your 40’s and be a mother to two adorable little boys and maintain your pre-pregnancy weight and figure, right? It would probably take a whole lot of effort to do it and succeed, some would even venture into taking diet pills and ...

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Carmen Electra Weight Loss – Lose Weight the Carmen Way

The sound of her name alone elicits a various range of emotions from men and women alike.  Carmen Electra’s name is electrifying, to say the least.  Her body is the epitome of fitness, and the envy of any woman in her right mind.  Carmen Electra is a fitness goddess incarnate.  ...

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Ashley Tisdale’s Secret To Keeping Fit and Healthy

Ashley Tisdale, born Ashley Michelle Tisdale on July 2, 1985 and rose to fame via her role in the famed High School Musical series, playing the part of female antagonist, Sharpay Evans, looks very much in tip-top shape evident in the magazine covers she’s graced recently, flaunting her very sexy ...

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Anna Kournikova Weight Loss: For the Love of Fats

Russian-born tennis hotshot, Anna Kournikova, dubbed as the sexiest woman in the sports world is recently seen touting her very fit, sexy and bodacious body in a men’s magazine wearing only skimpy and tiny bikinis. This 29 year old head-turner is no-doubt the envy of one too many girls around, ...

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Alicia Keys Weight Loss – Fitness from the A minor

Alicia Keys, born Alicia Augello Cook in January 25, 1981, is one of those people who believes that being healthy does not mean starving yourself and slaving off to lose weight and slim down to size 0.  She simply loves her curves and does a considerable amount of work out ...

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Tina O’Brien Weight Loss: Toning It Up With Tina

Let us veer away from US celebrity weight loss and focus on something UK-based for a change, quite timely if you ask me, by the way, what with the buzz about the royal wedding of the century nowadays that has put the United Kingdom in spotlight. Now on with the task ...

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Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: From Fab to Fat and Back?

Did you notice that Kelly Osbourne seem to have gained weight, yet again? She is said to have put on 5 pound in the last award season, as she covers the events for E! channel’s Fashion Police, and is looking rounder that ever. The 26-year-old daughter of rocker legend Ozzy and ...

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