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George Michael Weight Loss

In revealing the details of his efforts to lose weight, George Michael has famously told fans that he stopped smoking pot and was delighted by some of the side-effects of quitting cannabis, which is known for triggering a sudden desire for food in users. In counselling for substance abuse, George ...

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Kylie Minogue Weight Loss – Shapely Body of Kylie Minogue

Who would have thought that the sexy singer Kylie Minogue is already in her early 40’s?  The petite singer only tips the scale at 98 pounds; and she has no problems when it comes to losing weight. To avoid the flabs in her body, the sexy singer follows a diet ...

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How Alanis Morissette Lost Weight – “You Oughta Know”

In America and in other parts of the world, female stars never cease to amaze us, and the paparazzi most especially, with their uncanny ability to shed off fat at the drop of a hat. Just weeks after packing on the post-partum pounds, they are incredibly back to their old ...

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Katharine McPhee Weight Loss

Katharine McPhee, the 25-year old American Idol Season 5 runner-up who is currently promoting her second album, Unbroken, overcame a 7-year bout with bulimia and is looking better than ever. She is glowing with confidence as she sauntered into a New York restaurant with a short, blond ‘do sans 30 ...

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Shakira Weight Loss – Shake Your Way Into A Body Like Shakira’s

This 5 feet 1 inch, 34-year old, Grammy award- winning, sultry and sexy Columbian siren, best known for her ultra sexy hips and gyrating belly dancing moves, is currently in the US Celebrity Weigh Loss alert after being photographed in Ibiza in a hot pink number flaunting her picture-perfect abs ...

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Britney Spears Weight Loss

So Britney Spears is not is a mother, had a succesful career, but unlike many other pop divas who ahevn't been able to regain their fame after their meltdown, has had a very good comeback. One that was rivaling Michael Jackson until he kicked the bucket. That said, you might notice ...

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