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Mario Lopez Weight Loss: Mario, the Muscle Man

For someone who has been leaning on the heavy side all his younger days (try to picture a younger- zumo-wrestler-heavy kind of thing), Mario Lopez seem to have put all his weighty past behind him and he sure shows no sign of going back. Since his A.C. Slater days on ...

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Milo Ventimiglia Weight Loss: A Hero’s Workout

Milo Ventimiglia is very well-known for his role as the charismatic and compassionate younger brother, Peter, in the NBC hit TV series, Heroes, and for his speed and strength to help out all those people in need, not to mention all the other extraordinary things he can do, it is ...

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Keri Russell Weight Loss – Whats Keeping Felicity Fit?

Keri Russell, probably known most for her portrayal of Felicity Porter in the TV hit, Felicity and has graced several films including Wonder Woman, Mission Impossible II, Bedtime Stories and the heart-warming August Rush, is probably one of those few people to have been blessed with good genes that she ...

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Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss

She might be ending the Oprah Winfrey show in a few years, but there is something else that she should consider ending as well, her weight. Remember the days when Oprah was the talk of the town, women were wondering how she stayed so trim, and her personal trainer was the ...

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