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Milla Jovovich weight loss

Milla Jovovich Weight Loss: Resident Mommy in a Sexy Body

Anyone who sees Milla Jovovich, born Milica  Jovovich in Kiev, Ukranian SSR on December 17, 1975, will definitely have second thoughts about her being a mom to a four-year-old  and all, thanks to her very svelte figure that she managed to quickly regained after she gave birth to Ever Gabo ...

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Olivia Wilde Weight Loss – Fit and Wilde

Olivia Wilde, born Olivia Jane Cockburn on March 10 1984 to an America mother and an Irish dad, who also claims to derive her name from the famous writer, Oscar Wilde, as a tribute to the writers in her family, first rose to fame via her role as the internist, ...

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Keeping Kate Middleton in Shape

It must have been one mean feat to keep in shape whilst the rest of the world looks on and waits for your next action, thus is the predicament of then commoner and now Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who married Prince William on April 29 in a solemn ceremony ...

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Keri Russell Weight Loss – Whats Keeping Felicity Fit?

Keri Russell, probably known most for her portrayal of Felicity Porter in the TV hit, Felicity and has graced several films including Wonder Woman, Mission Impossible II, Bedtime Stories and the heart-warming August Rush, is probably one of those few people to have been blessed with good genes that she ...

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How Alanis Morissette Lost Weight – “You Oughta Know”

In America and in other parts of the world, female stars never cease to amaze us, and the paparazzi most especially, with their uncanny ability to shed off fat at the drop of a hat. Just weeks after packing on the post-partum pounds, they are incredibly back to their old ...

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Jennifer Aniston’s Weight Loss Program

Jennifer Aniston or Rachel Green to Friends fanatics is one of the most admired Hollywood celebrities. She had managed to maintain her slender figure since she became famous in the hit TV series Friends until now. Jennifer Aniston is a best example of how Hollywood celebrities maintain a healthy and ...

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Alessandra Ambrosio Weight Loss

Having a curvaceous body is a must when your work entails modeling lingerie and strutting on runways clad in skimpy swimsuits.  Thus, the sultry Victoria’s Secret vixen, Alessandra Ambrosio, had to undergo a strict fitness regimen and a healthy weight loss program to get back her full, firm and toned ...

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Tiffani Thiessen Weight Loss after Pregnancy

Hollywood actress, Tiffani Thiessen, has given birth a couple of months ago and now she is currently on her weight loss programs to get her back into shape. This former Beverly Hills 90210 star decided to lose weight in a healthy way. She did not opt to go through the ...

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