Vanessa Paradis’ Slimming Secret

Do you know who Vanessa Chantal Paradis is? Well, most people know her as Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend. She lived with him for 14 years from 1998 until June 2012. They have two children, Lilly Rose Melody Depp who was born in 1999, and John Christopher "Jack" Depp III who was born in 2002.

But who was Vanessa Paradis before she met Johnny Depp?  Well, Vanessa Chantal Paradis is from France. She was born on December 22, 1972 and she is a singer, a model, and an actress.

At the very young age of 14, Vanessa became a very famous child star because of the success of her single entitled Joe le taxi. Vanessa is also one of Chanel’s top models. She started her modeling career with Chanel as early as 1991. In 2004, she was the one who promoted Ligne Cambon, Chanel’s newest handbag that year. The following year, she modeled The New Mademoiselle handbag still for Chanel and in 2008, she modelled for Miu Miu. For her performances as a singer and an actress, Vanessa Paradis received many awards. Some of these include the best singer award at Les Victoires de la Musique on February 4, 1990 and the 1990 César Award for Most Promising Actress for her role inNoce Blanche.

What’s Her Beauty Secret?

A lot of women are really curious to find out how Vanessa is able to keep her body in such perfect shape considering that she’s gone through 2 pregnancies already. Well, there’s very little really that has been written about Vanessa’s diet or exercise regimen. However, because she is French, it’s not really difficult to put two and two together.

French women are known to be very slim. In fact, very few French women are obese or even overweight. Why is that? According to the famous book French Women Don’t Get Fat which was written by Mireille Guiliano, the average French woman doesn’t deny herself anything when it comes to food. They, however, eat in moderation. Most French women (and this includes Vanessa Paradis) are not obsessed with diets; they take gratification in staying slim by eating well. Noticeably, the French people are known to eat leisurely. They are not in a hurry when taking their meals. They chew their food well while enjoying conversation with whomever it is they’re dining with. This means they are actually eating less because eating slowly triggers the body into registering when it feels full already. This is one of the reasons why French people are slim and fit.

Does She Exercise?

Vanessa is an active person and she spends at least 45 minutes to an hour everyday walking. This is her main exercise on a daily basis; she walks because to her it’s a good cardio exercise plus it burns calories. She hardly goes to the gym and she often jokes that she’s not the gym type of person. She loves to do Yoga and Pilates and she does this at home in the privacy of her own space. She also does not have an instructor – she does the Yoga and Pilates following instructional videos.

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